At Flying K Ranch, we breed about 240 registered Red Angus cows through A.I. and natural methods. We are always trying to produce better females as we feel this results in better bulls. Our Red Angus breeding program requires careful sire selection, intense culling, and a little luck!!!

Our Current Bull Battery

Red Beckton Nebula W312
Very easy calving bull. His calves exhibit a lot of growth potential.  His daughters have turned out to be nice, sound, productive females.  He is in the top 1% for BW EPDs.

Red Flying K Nebula 179X
High selling bull in 2010 to Rodgers Red Angus.  He is stamping his sons with his profile:  thick, deep, with lots of capacity.  He bred 50 + females as a yearling between our place & Rodgers and maintained his condition throughout the season.

 Red ML Max 862U
 High Selling bull in Veno’s 2008 sale. Very smooth bull with low birthweight calves that have lots of growth potential. Super breeding bull. He is a proven producer of superior females.

Our Foundation Red Angus Sires

Red Flying K Suiji 18M
    -semen available in Canada

Flying K Chief 7U
Red Flying K Chief 7U
(exported to Argentina)
    -semen available in Canada/US


Red Flying K Neptune 28Z
High Selling Bull in our 2013 Sale sold to Mar Mac Farms. We are calving his first daughters this year and they are very nice looking 2 yr olds.  His bull calves are very eye appealing.  He is in the top 1 % for BW EPDs.

Red Flying K Julian 22A
Choice lot in our 2014 sale.  A bet the ranch calving ease bull, who is in the top 1% for BW EPDs.

Red Tongue River Jesse AT385
Purchased from Crump Red Angus in 2014.  He has more than justified the hairy road trip to find him!  Curve bender bull that calves as easy as any bull we have ever used.

Red JRA Escalade 76A
Partnered with Badlands Angus to purchase 76A from Janzen Ranch as their High Seller in 2014.  A big time performance bull, with outcross black genetics on both sides of the pedigree.  We are really looking forward to the daughters he will produce.  His calves are extremely stylish, eye appealing, and have a lot of pizazz!

Red Flying K Max 159Y and Red Flying K Max 153Y
Sold a choice lot in our 2012 between these two bulls. SSS Red Angus bought 159Y and we kept 153Y. Both bulls are structurally correct & sound. Look for their daughters to be herd builders.

Red Carmichael Chief 55X 
Purchased from Carmichael Red Angus in 2012. When we bought this bull he had no EPD data, but we knew we had to buy him on his phenotype, structural correctness, & his pedigree. His calves have been popular in the past for their extra power & performance, yet his daughters are still feminine with nice udders.


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