Flying K Ranch

Brian, Christine, Dylan and Shane Hanel
Box 1902
Swift Current, Saskatchewan
S9H 4M6
Phone/Fax: (306) 773-6313
E-mail: [email protected]


At Flying K Ranch, we breed about 280 registered Red Angus cows through A.I. and natural methods. We are always trying to produce better females as we feel this results in better bulls. Our Red Angus breeding program requires careful sire selection, intense culling, and a little luck!!!


Our Current Bull Battery

  • 231G231G
  • Red Flying K Thunder 231G

    Sold to Ole Farms & Noe Villalobos in our 2020 sale. Moderate frame with great thickness. Very easy keeping. Over 90 progeny have been registered so far. His son's sold very well last year. His calves have great structure, his daughters coming into production this year are looking great! Above average growth with below average birth weights.


  • A163F163
  • Red DVO Center of Gravity F163

    Purchased from Dvorak Brothers Ranch in 2020. Smaller-framed bull with good spring of rib.Daughters will be that easy fleshing type we like. Not a pile of daughters to evaluate yet, but hopefully the trend is our friend.


  • F163723H
  • Red DVO Outspoken 723H

    Purchased from Dvorak Brothers Ranch in 2021. If the daughters are half as good as what we expect we will be happy. He has some great carcass potential. Moderate made, easy fleshing, calving ease bull.


  • 862U862U
  • Red Flying K Tex 118H

    Sold to Stensrud Cattle Co. in our 2021 sale. They let us hand breed with him before he left the ranch. Great length of body and dog quiet. Had great success with his sire but ran out of semen and thought it would be great to try this stud. Should be loaded maternally as well. Pictured is his sire Red Flying K Hard Drive 83E.


Red JRA Escalade 76A

We purchased this bull with Badlands Angus from the Janzen Ranch in 2014 as their High Seller. Maternal extraordinaire! Probably the most consistent udder improver we have EVER used.


  • 41Z41G
  • Red Flying K Boomer 70H

    Purchased by RSL Red Angus in our 2021 Sale as our 2nd high selling bull that year. Great feet on this bull and hard not to put more of the 41Z cow back in the herd (pictured below). His maternal brother in this year's sale FKR 199K.


  • 22A22A
  • Red Flying K Julian 22A

    King of calving ease. He is still at the ranch and will get turned out again this year. His sons have been very well received and he has many daughters working in our herd. He really complements our Escalade line.


Red Brown AA Prestigious B5153

Prestigious has left a solid, uniform, set of calves here. We toured Kuhn's Red Angus years ago & saw some calves. When they matured into producing females, they liked him even more; so we decided to try him out here.


  • E186179X
  • Red Flying K Nebula 179X

    Purchased by Rodgers Red Angus in our 2011 Sale. Great success with him at their place and ours. We will continue to use him as he flat works, producing great females and bulls. Long-lasting, low maintenance type cattle. Over 255 progeny and counting.


  • SteelSteel
  • Red 5L Blazin Steel 6120-81C

    A.I. bull we sampled. Larry Melhoff is very high on his daughters, so we thought we would give him a try.


Red Flying K Thunder 302G

Our clean-up bull on heifers. He has out-performed our expectations. He sired the 2022 High Selling Bull which sold to Allison Farms. For a bull that can calve heifers, he has the ability to throw in some shape and dimension as well.


Red Flying K Thunder 205F

Choice lot in our 2019 sale that sold to Running JR Ranch. Heifer bull with outstanding feet. His daughters’ udders are nice and have done a great job. Over 100 progeny registered already between our two places.